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What To Do If Your Bottle Has Crystals In It

January 01, 2016 2 min read

Sometimes, especially during colder months, you may receive a topical product that has crystals in it.  This often happens in transit.  This is a guide on how to correct this issue.

First: Does this mean the product is bad? No, this does not mean the product is bad.  When our topicals are made, the raw materials are mixed with Iron legion Salvo and warmed until properly dissolved.  The Salvo is warmed to get it everything dissolved, If the opposite happens, and they're overly cooled, it may cause some of this material to escape from the carrier (Salvo), and it will show up as crystals.  These usually appear in the bottom of the bottle, or the liquid may appear milky/cloudy, rather than a clear liquid.

Steps for re-disolving crystals in the bottle:

  1. Shake the bottle well (ensure cap is well secured first)
  2. Place your bottle in a basin of hot (near boiling) water, and let sit for 15-20 minutes. The bottle should be submerged to the shoulder. The bottle-cap, if on, should not be in-contact with the water.
  3. Remove from basin and allow to cool before use.

If there are crystals formed inside the dropper, try to evacuate as much of the crystals into the bottle as you can.  If you can't evacuate all the crystals from the dropper, you will want to fill he dropper half way with salvo from the bottle and secure the dropper to the bottle when it's submerged in the hot water.  This allows the crystalized material in the dropper to also be dissolved in Salvo.  Once the process is completed, empty the contents of the dropper back into the bottle and secure the cap.

Please contact us if you're unable to correct any crystallization issues with these instructions, or if you have any questions.